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wait..was it Chris Makepeace? the guy with the dorky haircut and the affinity for weapons of mass destruction. And did Val Kilmer have the cool, wacky hair which was bleached white and all spike-ilicious? Is that the one? Am I actually admitting to having watched such dung? I am. I am admitting to it.

Well, fancy that.

P.S. Val Kilmer is a wanker. Regardless of wardrobe and capacity for steering the nerds toward the love and stuff.


It's a date! For sure! Cause you know, Snow Patrol, they're bound to have gig here in my town of, uh, 1,400 people. They'll play at the town hall-- we have a stage there and as long they set the room back up for the ladies garden meeting in the morning I'm sure there'll be no problem getting them the use of the space. Sweet--


It'd be very cool if you could fly over for a Snow Patrol gig on a simple e-mail's warning. In the meantime, I'll watch Real Genius and crave popcorn.
Oh, and it should have stopped raining now, the water of the whole world has converged to Paris, it seems.

jenn see

Snow Patrol has been recommended to me, i've been meaning to check them out.

beware what you say against the weather gods.

& Real Genius is one of my favorite movies.
that bit at the end where everyone's swimming & popcorn & it's playing "everybody wants to rule the world"? classic.


I don't know which movie you're alluding to. I tend to only catch the shirtless ones, and even those I regret.

suzanna danna

The 11th huh? We're linked forever love. That's all there is to it. And come to Dallas when Snow Patrol does. If they ever do. You've got a place to crash. :)

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