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ez luv bug

That was actually really funny, man. Put a smile on my face this morning.


Syndication! Syndication!

suzanna danna

my flip top desk belched forth a bunch of dust... I like what yours gave you better.


I adore Alec. I love how many quiet blocks you have of him.


See, I was wondering how to say that in proper words, rather than with "Hee hee. Wow. Heh!".

jenn see

it' monday again...what are you wearing?

suzanna danna

Cowboy boots and a tutu?

monkey 0

"clean livin'"
"I eat seaweed"

damn, Gats, you are one funny man. I don't know why it's taken me this long to link to you.

and that shit about Val Kilmer brought tears to my eyes, man.

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