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Risk it. Challenge yourself, and them. There are plenty real fairytales around.

jenn see

or if you want to look at it another way, fairy tales are often gruesome things, & there's plenty of real love in the world. trust me.

suzanna danna

You know we'll listen gatsby, you know we'll urge you on...

This medium is perfect for the valiant and the timid. Even the arrogant and the insecure. We love to read what you have to say. Give yourself that freedom… maybe I should take my own advice. Hmmm?


ladies ladies ladies,
this blurble up there isn't about the existance of love or fairytales, it's about my eagerness to write them, and myself a character.
i'm a year out of my most satisfying (at times dreadful) relationship, and am tenative about my own assessments of all the lovely women and my changing modus operandi in relationships.
that, and this playground, (le blog) a place for truth, may be read by some of these people i'd like to write about-- and while that honesty is absolutely what's called for, it may appear artificially inflated or venomous in the context of this format.
is any of this making sense?

suzanna danna

oh, OOOHhhhhh....

writing about real life crushes vs. the crushes themselves actually stumbling upon the written word.

Can't help you there. I'm just an old married woman.

Best of luck tho.


Hmmm. Not sure.
Couldn't artistic licence be invoked? Or, just like greed, isn't artificially inflated or venomous good? Or, le blog is your space and shouldn't crushes understand what that entails?
Or or or. I don't know. I have acute verbosity. Ban me from commenting.
Oh, before you do, I hope it works out.


Self-censorship is the worst kind.
If you cannot revel in a crush, than what good is it?


i think misentrepretations have been made... i've been given the opportunity to learn from experiences at such a young age. adversity has forced me to develop and accept things about my life most others won't understand. i wish to share my struggles and ideas and all the other cliche things people discuss when they just want to eat up each others time. i like people with hearts of gold and an intolerance for bullshit. i can't pretend to understand you and everything you've been through, but i know you have a lot of great things to share and offer people. enough of that... your writing and talents kick my ass... i agree.. challenge yourself, with whatever that may be... dreams deferred are dreams denied

type a

you're not a wuss; you're just a silly boy.

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