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Simply awesome! A different insight into Mike, a brilliant flashback and an ending that begs to be added to.

Thanks for joining this motley relay team.

As the original branch seems to be growing over at http://fence.blogs.ie/2005/04/19/story-crossing/, so I hope that you are the creator of another.


See right there? More evidence that god, you're good.

suzanna danna

the precious is gaining speed...
the preciousssssss....

nice work pumpkin, you always seem to put some right english on things, smooth.


Cool addition.

Nice to see some alternative branching as well :)

Lucretia Again

Hey, wonderful!
I've started up a separate blog to post all the contributions to ... it's the URL link given above in this reply. If I could ask anyone else you know of who would like to contribute, if they could perhaps post them there as comments and I will then transfer them as complete separate entries. If that makes sense. I'm a Carrot, give me a break.

Butt-Butt McPutt

Oh, the ineptitude of it all. Let's turn the hi-intensity spotlight directly onto me for a change, okay? Everybody seated in a five-chair radius is already straining to swivel and gawk at the rude commentator. I can practically hear the starched collars cracking as the necks strain with terrible color against the confines of the over-buttoned shirts. Who is here to selfishly draw attention to himself and completely disregard the comments and indeed, the post itself? To anybody paying attention, it's old motherf*cking Bug- still bangin' hos and sippin' sizzurp. Remember that I'm watching. I've always been watching. That nasty feeling you got in the backyard when you were seven, and playing with your neighborhood chums? You'd spin quickly around, trying to shake that horrible, crawling feeling of eyes on your buttocks. It was nothing but a curtain, swaying slightly, as if somebody had sneakily stepped away from the window to avoid detection. Was that same person now furiously dry-humping the wall, eyes shut tight and biting down on a dirty sock to mask the guttural sounds of filthy, forbidden pleasure? Maybe.

suzanna danna

Bad Bug! *fwap*.. no biscuit.

jenn see

& what have we been doing since?

Lucretia Again

Hello there ... could I ask you a flavour? Could you email me the text of the Story-Crossing contribution, so I's can post that, cos I want to put it all together as a sort of first chapter now ... or something weirdly wonderful like that.

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