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suzanna danna

Even after the eye stretchys... methinks I may have sprained something.

"Oh Good Grief" indeed...

Welcome back poppet.


christ on a stick. who gave you the hairshirt? and why the hell are you wearing it?


poppy is that some sort of ape dig?
i'll admit i was a bit boorish just now what with the fleshpot and the cockblock and the, (what other indignities) the cheapened talk of "getting laid."
but truth be known-
denmark, last night anyways, seemed to me a prison- and man a quintessence of dust. so the words were purposed to serve that mirthless mind.
that said, my intention was to draw interesting swirls in my roiling cauldron, not to offend or draw offense.

also, lines, similiar in form and weight, that freely apply themselves over this well watered garden:

1) if you're offended because you're in love with me then double it as i'm in love with you as well.

2) truly i was hyde last night, and if i've time to buy wine inbetween my ambitions today, i will also be tonight.

3) i'm sure my words, like my voice recorded, intimate an unintended likeness to someone i'm not.

i'm off to watch a few cartoons before i have to write my completely undramatic application to sundance.


so i'm filling a pail with cold water with the intention of sticking my head in it, and this wonderful line from "all about eve" runs out my mouth to save itself from drowning-
"you're maudlin and full of self-pity... you're magnificent."

and for clarification's sake mrs. poppy, my love while certainly true, in that line is meant to regard the mutual admiration expressed of our musings, not our loins.


i totally said loins.


Sorry I'm late to the loins party---

Allow me to translate my comment:

"Dear Sir, you seem to be unduly harsh with yourself today. Pray tell, why ever would you choose to speak of yourself, thusly? For all of your fellow bloggers know that you are in no way deserving of such unkind statements like 'I suck'. I beg to refelect upon the unjustly nature of this self-inflicted vitriol. And I question what events have taken place for you to entertain such falsehoods. Has someone in your acquaintance made unflattering remarks to you? And, did you accept these remarks as truth?"

There. I'm sure everything is cleared up now.


loins i say.
i think it was something somebody had said to me earlier that had set the dial to snarly.

jenn see

it doesn't seem at all snarly to me.

i'd share a bottle of wine with you.

& if we're not getting pieces of you in your writing, who are we getting pieces of?

monkey 0

> "if we're not getting pieces of you in your writing, who are we getting pieces of?"

this other dude. I saw him... he looked really messed up. still, Gatsby's out there with that big old sashimi knife... it was a little gross.

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