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type a

noooooooooooooooooo fucking way danny is 28. no way.

suzanna danna

He's a cutie... I remember 28 fondly… Happy Birthday Danny!

jenn see

he's got great eyebrows.


he does?
hold on...
he does have great eyebrows-- you think you know someone.

fore mentioned bday boy

it is true... i do have faaaannntastic eyebrows. maybe E.W. Packard will see me and want to meet. ill put in a good word for you gatsby.


yes... it's all about the "good word" with you isn't it?


Only males have such sentiments.
But happy birthday anyway.

suzanna danna

Ah... I see the youngster has a crush on Ms. Packard as we all do.

Good taste Danny... good taste.

Old Horsetail Snake

Why he so handsome and u so plain? No accounting for some people's genes.

On your post below: I had an egg like that once, but I threw it away as it had no nipple.


Joyeux anniversaire, Danny. A very 'appy birzdé.
(late, as always)


what the faa--?
i'm plain?
plain plain plainplainplain... ugly would've been fine, but plain? there's so much apathy in that disparagement, like my plainess is obvious and hopeless.
that's it, i'm getting another tattoo-- maybe something on my face.
we'll see who's plain godamnit.

Old Horsetail Snake

that be fine. tattoo across your forehead saying:

"Yo Momma". that be good, won't get you into any trouble. probably.


nice legs

*wolf whistle*

and, damn if I don't hate the deathly slow crawl of a dial-up connection that makes downloading the simplest thing like pics a competition with a melthing glacier!

Grrr. Oh but, happy belated birthday, Danny . ..

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